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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It feels like summer now

The weather was so nice today, it just felt like a beautiful summer day. I feel like I kinda plundered through the whole day not doing anything constructive. Well I kinda did. Finally got able to move this morning. My body was really sore when I got out of bed. Note to self, do not try to carry a 50 lb bag of chicken feed ever again. I think my body is broken, I just cant do those things anymore. But my little chicks are doing ok. Although they have been in a total panic all day today. Rodger and Jason were working on my summer kitchen and it is near the brooder house. I guess the sound of the saws and drills were a little much for the babies. But the kitchen did get started today with the sole plates in place an one wall framed up an standing. Thats progress as far as I am concerned. Maybe the other walls will go up tomorrow.
I got in the cellar to get the sweet potatoes out to get bedded out for slips and found a mess. All the sweet potatoes that we had stored in the cellar over the winter were not good. We have determined that sweet potatoes need warm dry air to store well, preferably in a dark place to prevent sprouts from forming. The cellar is perfect for other root crops that need cool an humidity. Not sweet potatoes tho. We had to toss out a few bushels of them and that was very disappointing. I have some of the Goldrush Irish potatoes out of the cellar so they can get light and heat and make some eyes. We plan on planting some of those this weekend weather permitting.
My trees came in yesterday that I had ordered a few weeks back. All of them look really good. Now we have a good start on an orchard of fruit and nut trees. Those will go in this weekend on the east end of the river bottom in front of the house. We will be putting up electric fence to keep critters from eating the trees.
Not much else happening here, so till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.


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