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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Good day for sleeping

We have had rain showers off and on today and it was overcast but warm. Just a good day to stay in and nap. That is if you didn't have anything else to do. Well I have things to do but somehow I got absolutely nothing done today other than laundry. I went to therapy which was my last visit so I'm done with that business of needing to go out 2 days per week. Now the only time I will be out is to go see my mom at the nursing home. She has finished her therapy as well but still is not going to be able to live alone. She has trouble keeping her balance when she stands without assistance. Guess now we wait and see what she does later.
I got a call from Jason today, he is now back in the states after being in Canada and Newfoundland for several days. He told me he was bringing home some potatoes when he comes home. He picked up a load of Gold rush potatoes in New Brunswick to take to Rhode Island. They are a good variety for storing as they can take cooler weather better than most and quite pricey if you buy the seed potatoes. So we are gonna be planting some of those this year. But as for me, I am just glad he is back in the states.
I got a email picture from Amoy that she took of Robs arm after he set fence post here last weekend. He has poison ivy rash so bad on his arm. Dang it looked painful. Just hope he got it treated so he don't get an infection from the scratches. I really feel bad for him cause I had ask him to help set post for the fence. Sure hope he is better now.
Tomorrow I think I will start the rest of my seeds for the garden. I need to get maters, peppers and more cabbage and broccoli started. I may go see my friend who has a green house and see if she has any more seed starting medium and purchase some to put in seed flats. I don't think I have enough peat pots and trays to do all I need to do. That sounds like a good project for tomorrow and make it an easy day. Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.


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Mrs. Mike said...

Did someone say nap? Count me...zzz