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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Good deals today

I found some pretty good deals today while out looking for windows for my summer kitchen. We made a trip to the nearby wally world to pick up some potting soil for starting more seedlings. We happened by the clearance shelf and found a some radiant propane heaters for half price. I got one 15000 BTU single burner($21) and one that was 30000 BTU 2 burner heater for $45. I may have to use the single burner tonight to heat the greenhouse. Our temps are posed to be in the low to mid 30's tonight and tomorrow night. That might be a little too cold for seedling. I surely don't need to let them all freeze to death at this point in the game.
While we were out we intended to look for windows. We found some at a liquidators in a neighboring town. The windows we looked at were 36 by 72 inches. I ask the price and was kinda shocked. The lady told me any window they had was $20. I got 2 of em. So that left me more money in the budget to buy a better quality door. Which I found for $149. A good deal for both items. So I left a happy camper.
In our town we noticed there was a new business. We finally have a watch and clock repair shop. Jason had found my great-granddads old pocket watch in a drawer here at the house. I had gotten it from dad many years ago. It runs but needs some maintenance. The local repair shop did point us in the right direction of a repair shop that has tons a parts for old pocket watches. When we got to researching the pocket watch online, we found that the last ones made were made before 1860's. Kind of a neat piece of family history to have.
So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.


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