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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Yeah!! Its done

The greenhouse is finally done, door on, shelves in and plants in as well. The guys got the benches built this morning for me to set seed trays on and got the door made and hung. When we get a few days of dry weather I am planning to paint the front side and door to protect the plywood. We use a piece of 2 by 4 welded wire to keep the cat out of the greenhouse. Cats have a tendency to lay where they shouldn't. I like my cat but I need my plants to be safe from getting squashed too. So far the seedlings are looking good. A friend from Mississippi sent me some pepper seeds, both hot and sweet banana and long red Cayenne so I started some of them today as I had not started any hot peppers. Rob and Amoy are here for the weekend and Rob got dirt for me to pot up my blueberry bushes so they can grow for a bit before I put them out in the ground.
I have decided after buying some crappy potting soil that from now on I will make my own potting mix. They stuff we bought was mostly sand. Heck I got river bottoms full of better soil than that. I was really disappointed in the potting soil but guess I will make do for now.
Maybe the first of the week I can get some goat manure to start my compost tea for the plants and give em a boost. We shall see what happens then.
Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Jen said...

I love it! Ya'll did a great job and now you will have plenty of room fer yer seedlings and such. And yes, some commercial potting soil sucks!!! ~jen

stella said...

Hi yall and thanks, this is sure better than hanging lights from the ironing board in the living room. lol I am now tossin around in my mind how I can heat it for free. Maybe hot manure in containers or wet wood chips composting and see how well it does. We shall see.