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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Cool spring days

I don't care much for cool spring days. If the sun don't shine, I don't function. We have had rain showers off and on all day. The temps have been in the upper 40's.
We started out today to go look for some windows to use in my summer kitchen. Yeah that may happen after all. Just don't tell Jason thats what he is working on when he comes home. lol In the next county over there is an indoor flea market that has all kinds of windows both new and used. The prices are pretty good so that's an option. I did find a sink to use in the summer kitchen, double bowl fiberglass. We will decide definite window sizes when we get the building measurements decided. We have some used windows stored and may in the end be able to use them. Not sure yet.
While we were out we made a Walmart run and I picked up some more seed starter trays with the peat pellets in them. I will start my tomatoes tomorrow probably as well as more cabbage, broccoli and peppers. The next immediate project will be go get a cold frame set up to keep the little plants in as they grow. I have decided against using the porch swing frame covered in plastic as a make shift green house. I am thinking the wind will give me fits with the frame being taller. The last thing I need is to have the wind tear apart the shelter and destroy the seedlings. That would be a lot of hard work gone by-by. In fall I maybe can use the frame to extend the harvest of a few plants if I am so inclined. We don't have as much wind to tear up the plastic cover in fall as we do in spring here.
Luna is feeling better today. She was sick and vomiting yesterday. I'm just not sure what she got into that made her sick. Yesterday afternoon I gave her 3 raw eggs and she ate those. I put her food in her bowl and she ate all of it sometime last night. I did get her a different brand today at the store and she loves the new food. Of course it is more expensive but she is worth it as a guard dog. And who the hell invented " Beggin strips"? Those things smell good enough eat. They actually smell better than most store bought bacon that I have smelled.
OK not much happening here so till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



MA Fat Woman said...

I picked up two mini 3 x 4' greenhouses at Fred's that comes with the shelves. I got some of those peat things from Walmart too and I picked up some small peat pots at a hardware store that was going outta business last year. I'm wanting to sell the mater plants at the farmers market this year. I've got about 75-100 bucks invested for about 275 plants that I hope to sell for 3 bucks a piece

stella said...

Hey MA congrats on ya lil greenhouses. I would love to have a big green house to start stuff in and to keep some stuff growing all winter too. But am thnkin that is down the road a ways.I do good to get enough plants started for us to plant much less sell any but that is a good idea for a way to support muh gardenin habit tho.