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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring cleaning

It was a little too wet to do much outside today so I decided it was time to do some spring cleaning. And oh my goodness did this place need it. It was past time to slaughter the dust bunnies that have over wintered under the beds and in the corners. And ya know, it was a beautiful clear spring day outside once you could see out there through clean windows. This is a person who does not do windows. I am a big fan of sheer curtains in back of drapes. OK so thas cheatin! But I got the windows cleaned that needed it so bad and all the furniture dusted and wiped down. Then moved furniture and shampooed the carpet in all but the master bed room. I even moved out some excess furniture into storage. There is almost walking around room in here now. Now when do the yard sales start?
It was rather cool this morning so I didn't open the greenhouse too early. I let the little plants get warm and toasty and opened it about noon or so today. The seedlings are really looking good. I think I am getting some manure tomorrow so I can get the manure tea started in the greenhouse as well. I am curious as to how much heat can be produced with a small amount of manure. If I could use buckets of hot manure to raise the temp in there by 20 degrees I think I could use the greenhouse most of the winter as well. We shall see what happens.
I'm tired and nothing else is gonna happen here, so till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Mrs. Mike said...

Oh, Stella! You kill me!Go sheers!

I've heard it said, dust is a protective cover for furniture. The weather here is still cool enough that the wood stove is still in use at least over night, so looking forward to it's last fire so every thing can be dusted and wiped down till it starts back up in October. A few months without the stove going means less maintainance. And the crud the stove leaves behind is on the windows too! No wonder the concept of central heating was a blessing to so many a housewife!

stella said...

Lol Mrs Mike, if dust is a protective cover for furniture, mine was protected really well. Not to mention, I love dust ruffles on beds too, they sure do a good job of fencing in the dust bunnies. As for central heat, Im not sure it saves any work. We have central heat but out here in the country the dust and dirt keeps coming in from somewhere. Such is our life I reckon.