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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Junk cleanup

Its spring time around here as far as the calender goes but not the weather. It has been overcast today and kinda cool. Didn't get much done outside but got some of moms stuff moved to storage till she needs it again.
I was here in the house this afternoon and a vehicle pulled in the drive. It was a couple of young guys asking if we had any old scrap metal laying around that needed to be cleaned up and hauled off. Well we are on a farm and the answer is a big yes. We had a bunch of old appliances and just odds and ends things lying here and there that we had intended to haul away when our county has their free spring clean up day. You load stuff that you cant put in regular trash cans and take it to a designated area and the county pays to have it taken to a landfill. I told the young guys that if they wanted the junk for resale and if they wanted to load it up they were more than welcome to it. It did save us a lot of work and gas money just to get rid of some things and there is another load of scrap stuff they will probably come back and get tomorrow. So I got some cleaning up done and didn't have to pay someone to do it which worked out well for both parties. Maybe tomorrow we can get some stuff done outside as the weather is supposed to be nicer. Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Mrs. Mike said...

why are farm notorious for having rusting, rotting, decaying, large metaly items around the perimeters? It's true around here! I think it's charming....and funny.

stella said...

LOL Mrs Mike, thas the way it was here until today. The fellows came back to day adn got 2 more truck loads of junk to haul off. It was a big help to us. Now we dont have to mess with dragging it out of weeds and stuff and waste gas hauling it off. Im happy with having it gone.