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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Yard work

I like having the yard look nice but I always get too many beds of plantings going at one time and make more work for myself. I got out today with the leaf rake and raked my mulch back in the flower beds that the chickens had scratched out this past fall. All the edges around the house needed raked and tidied up a good deal. Between the cats , the dog and chickens it was a mess. I have some new solar side walk lights that I am going to get put in very soon. Most of my old ones have been over run by Luna and the tops broken. She has really big feet and is very clumsy. Next time we have some dry weather I will be hauling dirt to fill in some holes in the yard that Luna has dug going after moles and such. My big issue this summer will be keeping Luna and the cats out of the herbs. I have a role of used 8 X 8 welded wire that I am going to cut to fit the length of the herb bed. You can cut the wire so you have some legs of wire to poke in the ground to elevate it several inches. Then just lay it in the bed over the herbs, they will grow up thru the openings in the wire and this will deter the dog and cats from digging in the beds. This creates an uneven and unstable surface and the animals wont walk on it. This method also works to keep chickens from scratching in places they shouldn't. Once the plants are up and growing this will be a lot less noticeable than having to put little fences all over the place. I will post pics when I get started on this project. Now I wonder if I have enough wire to do the flower beds as well. We shall see. Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Mrs. Mike said...

Boy, Lady, we must be pulling pages from the same book! I may just cut and paste your post, change the names and call it good! But my blasted, throbbing thumb (refer to latest post)is making all this a challenge!
Have a great day!

stella said...

Hi Mrs Mike, may ya thumb hurts cause its green, its that time a year ya know. lol After all I have done, my hands are swollen and sore as heck. I see nothin in my tomorrow that requires usin muh hands. lol
Hope you fum gits better.