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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pet deterent

I got my pet deterrent made today. I used welded wire to make a cover for the plants in my herb bed so the dog and cats would not get in there. Once the plants grow up thru the wire it will hardly be noticeable. I just used up wire that was not good for any thing else. My hands are so sore from using wire cutters to clip the wire to fit where I needed it. It has been so nice out today for working. I did get a good sweat up cutting wire though. The thermometer said 72 in the shade. I finally finished that project and then started on taking my sidewalk lights out. Most of them had gone bad so I just pulled wire and all out and will use solar lights now in stead. Of the lights I did salvage the timer from one and the power pack from the other set that made them come on at dark. I am sure on the farm we can find a use for those items. If we don't get rain tonight I might get started on moving the excess dirt from the back walk area and get it ready to put landscaping gravel down. I will look much better when I get that done. Then I can add my new solar lights. I like having some light low on the ground where we walk in summer to prevent someone from stepping on a creepycrawlie at night. Now we will see what tomorrow holds. Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.


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