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Saturday, March 27, 2010

I got babies

I got little babies today. My chicks in the incubator are hatching out. They are so cute and active. The hatch just started today and I have 7 at this time and many more that are chipped. The mother hen is supposed to hatch today as well but so far she don't have any babies. Not sure what is up with her. But dang I was counting on her being momma to all the little chicks. Oh well, I have hand raised chicks many times before.
I did get some things done outside today as well. Finally got my strawberry bed weeded and cleaned out. A few of the plants are blooming now, so we should have plenty of strawberries. I also got all the weeds out of the walking onion bed and they are growing really good and look nice. I used a shovel and turned the compost under in the section in front of the cellar wing wall and got it ready to plant when my herbs and flowers get big enough. That may take a while as I just got the seed started a few days ago. Rodger and Jason got the old pump house took down where my summer kitchen is going in and they went and got the lumber for that project as well. I might actually have an outside kitchen to can in this summer. I aint telling them but I am on the prowl for an air conditioner. It will be so nice to have the extra room to do all the canning and butchering and not have all the mess in the house. I have needed one of these kitchens for many years and now it is happening. Needless to say I am a happy camper.
Not much else happening so till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.

                                                      ( 2 of my new babies)


Jen said...

Yer babies are sooo cute! I cant wait to see yer summer rock Stelly!

Gregabob said...

What a cute pair of peepers! And glad to hear ya youngins are teamin' up to get ya kitchen built. I know one person can get things built (I know, I seen me do it!) but the job goes much faster generally with two or more workin' as a team. With some solar panels on top you could have your very own 'off grid' summer kitchen!

stella said...

Hey ya'll, the lil babies are so cute and fun to watch hatch out. I really had a pretty good hatch rate this time.
dang I am thrilled to be gettin muh kitchen built. it will make canning so much easier not havin all that mess inside and more room to work on those kinds of things. I will post pics as we get it going.