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Monday, March 15, 2010

Starting more seeds

Finally started more seeds this evening for the garden. I started about 250 tomato plants of different varieties, 100 cabbage, 75 bell peppers in different colors and about half a flat of parsley. Still need to start some hot peppers of different varieties. The other seedling I started a few weeks ago are doing good. Looks like I might actually have some celery to transplant this year. I also am trying leeks for the first time. I think leeks would be good in oatmeal soup.
Tomorrow Jason and I are going to try and get a cold frame built for the seedlings. I have far too many trays of them to keep in the house when this last bunch come up and need light. I just hope the weather warms back up this week so we can get some projects done. Its time to plant potatoes as soon as we get the seed potatoes. We are planting some of the Gold rush potatoes that Jason brought home from New Brunswick, Canada. They are supposed to be a drier flesh potato than we have grown in the past. I have Yukon Gold ordered as well and some purple flesh potatoes just for fun. I think it would be so cool to serve a bowl of purple mashed taters or a big bowl of tater salad. I like to grow odd stuff, just because I can. Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.


1 comment:

Mrs. Mike said...

Boy, you've got a lot growing!
And the blue potatoes?...always a tabletop show-stopper!