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Monday, March 8, 2010

Garden planting

Its been one of those days when I feel pretty useless. The chicken pen was started yesterday when some of the post were set. Today Rob and Amoy finished setting the rest of the post. Now we have to get the welded wire put up so we can let the hens out in a safe place. They seem pretty happy with their new digs. And its an Easter egg hunt to gather eggs till we get the nest box moved down there for them. Rob also got the brush piled from the trees that were used for post around the chicken pen.
This evening I went to visitation for a good friend and former co-worker/EMT that passed away on Friday. I sure will miss him. I worked with him for several years in EMS and we always had a lot of fun. Rest in peace pappy(Everett).
While I was gone to the funeral home, Rodger, Rob and Amoy got my onion sets, peas, carrots, beets, mustard/turnip greens and lettuce planted. This was the only dry day we are supposed to have for a few days and the ground was dry enough to plant. So now if we get rain tomorrow I can only hope they come up and do good. I may have, as usual, over done it on peas. I ended up with 2 rows 150 ft long. But thas OK I can always can them for later. I think I will be starting the rest of my seeds pretty soon in seed flats. I still have tomatoes, peppers, more cabbage and broccoli to sow. Pretty much everything else gets direct seeded.
Amoy had her little puppy here this weekend and Luna was so jealous. But she let the baby climb all over her and when she got annoyed with the puppy she would put her paw on it to keep it still if she was laying down. It was cute to watch. The cat on the other hand kept swatting at the lil one and she loved chasing the cat. The cat was not sure what to make of the little "thing" on the end of that string. So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Mrs. Mike said...

Sorry for your loss, Stella. Grieving is never easy work.

Nice work on the pea patch. Can you ever have too many peas? You and the family put a lot in the ground- good job, farmer!
Looks like you and Luna especially enjoyed Rob and Amoy's "family".

stella said...

Hi Mrs Mike, well its only gonna be too many peas if they all get ready at one time and I have to can em. lol We did enjoy the lil puppy, she is so cute. Abby (puppy) loved chasin Slinky the cat. Was so funny to watch.