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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Working in the garden

Seems like I have been in dirt all day. Started out early today and went to the garden to better check my onion crop and decide if I wanted to go ahead and pull them or let them grow a while. Well I decided to let them be for another week or so to grow. They are a little bigger than I first thought but nothing to write home about. I set about pulling all the weeds away from them so they would stay dry and not rot. We have gotten so far behind with plowing and hoeing the garden its not funny. So I got the whole row of onions weeded and the carrots as well. As I pulled some big weeds I had onion bulbs come out too, so those are now in the dehydrator. Had a few mishaps with carrots too. Just sliced them and added them to the dehydrator tray to dry.
I got my new vacuum sealer in the mail today and tinkered with it some. I think I will like it to seal my jars of dried stuff for storage. It was kinda free thanks to Rob and the nice gift card he won from Bass Pro shops. And I got an email to let me know my dehydrator trays have shipped.
After supper we went back to the garden to hoe the tomatoes and get the mulch under them. I need about 6
 more bags of shredded paper to finish this lil project. It was getting really late when I got this much done. 

By time Rodger got the most of the garden plowed out it was almost too dark to see what he was plowing. We still need to go finish up tomorrow night after supper.

Some of the stuff still needs to be hoed out. But it sure looked nice with what we did get done. This is what happens when it rains and you get behind.

Our bread corn (Boone county white) is way over my head now and looks really good. I planted a row of Kentucky Wonder bush beans half the way down the side of this field of corn. They will be  a little later than the rest of the beans we have.There are also some cushaws, pumpkins and sunflowers planted on the row as well.  They get fertilize tomorrow night as well. 
The hay is raked and it will be rolled tomorrow. With the humidity it has been hard to cure hay. But it is doing OK now with today not being so humid.
So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



small farm girl said...

Our garden is a mess! Weeds,weeds, everywhere! We are doing hay right now too. And like where your at, ITS HOT!!!!!!

stella said...

Lol farm girl, well the weeds are why we were in the garden till dark30 ever night las week. Finally got a handle on em I think, well for now. But the hay is rolled, now we need to get the spear and get it out of the field. lol

Nick said...

We got so tired of fighting the weeds with a hand hoe that this year we did something different. Now I'm using this wheel hoe that we just push up and down the rows a couple times a week. I did have to make my paths a little wider though. Much better for our old backs!