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Thursday, June 3, 2010

On the road

I havent dont much here at home this week. I have been in a vehicle and on the road to somewhere. Took my friend to therapy yesterday and came home after the guys had fixed their own dinner. Rodger was up all night with a tooth ache. With no sleep and our dentist is not in on Fridays he decided he should call this morning and go to the dentist today. He has a dead nerve in a tooth and it is inflammed causing all the pain. No amount of pain meds will relieve it. So he is on antibiotics and some very potent pain meds and goes in next wednesday to have the tooth extracted.
I got some curtains for my summer kitchen today. Got those put up a lil bit ago. They are kinda cute. They are there more to block the summer sun than for looks. I have AC in the kitchen but was hoping not to use it much. So the curtains will help a good deal. When I am canning I am in and out of the kitchen too much to keep the AC running.
While I was out putting up curtains I got a container ready for my baby chicks. They should be here tomorrow morning or Saturday morning in the mail. The post office usually calls me really early to let me know they have arrived so I can go into town and pick them up. I think the postal employees call so I will get the noisy little chicks out of the building. So until I can get the bigger chickens out of the brooder house the new babies will be in a tote here in the house. And I know that plan wont last long, as it dont take them long to start smelling pretty loud.
So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.


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