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Monday, June 7, 2010

A nice day to be out

The weather was really nice today, not too hot, just right for working outside. The sun was shining this morning so I decided to get out and get some more herbs cut to dry. I got the oregano done, some bergamont, and the sage. There was far too much of the oregano and bergamont to put on screens. So I got out the drying boxes we use to do the final dry on our corn for making cornmeal. As it started out one box was about 1/3 full of oregano and the other about that full of bergamont. But once they were in the sun for a bit and wilted down, there was not near as much. Tomorrow I will try to get the chamomile and fever few harvested and put out to dry.
I trimmed my rose bush back that is on the corner of the house and raked the cuttings to the end of the yard. I noticed that the black berries are red right now. So they will be ready in a couple weeks to pick. I still have many quarts of berries canned for cobbler so I am thinking this year I might just make some wine with the berries. Nothing fancy, just the simple country stuff with berries, sugar and yeast. I think I have some wine bottles stored around here somewhere. That would be a nice treat to enjoy this winter. I always think of making dandelion wine when its too late in the season. Ah maybe next year.
When we were in the garden last night I noticed that I have some worm damage on my cabbage. I took some wood ashes over there this evening and sprinkled them. So I can only hope that stops the lil worms. I will go back and check on them tomorrow to see if the worms are still busy or dead.
Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.


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