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Monday, June 21, 2010

I cant take the heat

I just simply cant take the heat so much this year for some reason. Maybe I am getting older or just getting wimpy. Dunno but life is hard when its 100 degrees in the shade. I had planned on going out and getting some things done today with the plantings here at the house. We I did get my new hose reels put in place and hooked up. Watered some of my potted flowers and the strawberry runners in the trays. I think they look pretty good and am thinking they will take root and grow for me. I kept coming in the house for drinks and to get cool. I had got another box fan to put in the brooder house for the Cornish cross chicks to help them with this heat. Got that all hung up and cooling the chicks. Then the clouds rolled in along with thunder and some distant lightening. We got a little shower of rain and the temp quickly dropped to about 75 degrees and believe me that sure felt nice.
After the rain was over it was still a lot cooler and nice to get outside. So I cut some of my dill heads and vacuum sealed them to use in dill pickles later this summer. So those are in the freezer waiting.
I used some tobacco sticks to stake the big Japanese black tomatoes in the onion bed so they weren't falling over in the asparagus. These are an heirloom variety and I would like to save seed from them this year. Then finally trellised up my thornless blackberry plant too, gosh it has grown a lot.
I sat out for a bit an watched the lil kittens play. They are so cute when they are little. I think Slinky has 3 boys and 2 girls. Luna is fascinated with them.

We have kinda decided the lil gray one don't want to eat because he is the one getting all mommas milk. Hes the fat sassy one in the litter.  I find it so relaxing to watch little kittens play. So much for my day.
Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Pokeberry Mary said...

Your day ends up sounding blissful in spite of the heat. I found I get more done in my swim suit--then I can take a quick dip in the pool to cool off.. but we're a little cooler I think-- it was only 93 yesterday at 4 pm. The pool now feels like a big bath tub--which is actually kind of nice in the evening. I can't handle 100 degrees either-nor can baby chicks I guess. Poor things!

Chris W said...

It sure wasn't 100 here yesterday but it was still pretty hot and humid. I got a lot done, but nothing too involved. Just a little party cleanup and reworking the patio. I can't take that heat anymore either. Yanno, the kind with no wind whatsoever and just muggy.blah. Do a few things-sit on my ass-do something else-sit on my ass. LOL

small farm girl said...

I feel the same way this year! It is soooo hot! I don't feel like doing anything in this heat. It almost makes me sick. I'm like you, I try to get up early or stay up late, to get things done.

Here's hoping things cool down!

stella said...

Hi ya'll, I think the forecast is for more of the same all week. I am not a morning person but have to get a few things done early and they go out later and stay till dark30 to finish. I think I am spraying jap beetles on muh grapevines today. Lil chickens that have never seen a bug really freak out when ya give em a handful of those beetles. lol Stay cool and have a good day.