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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I think I am behind

Some how I think I am behind with my garden this year. Not sure how it happened. Maybe the rain showers we have been having. I didn't get a good start to this day after being up till 4 AM canning sugar snap peas. But I do have 25 quarts done and in the cellar now. We picked those last evening and I got the harebrained idea to go ahead and get them canned last night so I didn't have to do that today. Not a good plan as getting in bed that late (or early) depending on how you see it, made me sleep in later this morning. But its done now.
I had to go into town today, which messes up the entire day. Got home and gathered up my spray medicine and headed for the garden to spray the potatoes again. The tater bugs are having a field day with them. I mixed some tobacco juice from the 2 packs of chewing tobacco that I had soaked several days ago in with the spray to see if that might kill the bugs. I will check them tomorrow to see if they are dead or just really sick. Large amounts of nicotine are toxic so I would think it might kill em.
We had passion fruit vines growing in the field last summer and Jason kept mowing it over with the bush hog. I pulled some of the small ones up this evening and got them in some water to see if they will make roots. If they do I will transplant them to somewhere bush hog safe. If not I plan to dig some of the bigger plants and move them.
There is an old house seat up the road from us that had some of the best smelling roses growing around. I had Rodger help me dig a couple of them up for transplanting. They have a small rose on them but it does have that wonderful rose smell. I put them in pots for now so they can get over the shock a little bit and then I can plant them where I want them. The guys are just gonna love something else to mow around.
Not much else happening around here other than the awful heat and humidity. IF its this hot now, I can not imagine July and August.
So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Anonymous said...

Stella I only too well know that sinking behind n' how in the world am gonna' get caught up. Do hope all falls in place as it should for you so the progress isn't so stressful and exhausting. Haven't been able to get in the garden for several days, and feel sure, will be in the same shoes, shortly. My Sis says, "What doesn't kill ya' makes ya' stronger. I'm hoping for the last one!

stella said...

Kinda like the saying, "the strongest steel comes from the hottest fires" Think we might be some tough cookies one day, ya think. Thanks for stopping by.

Gracie said...

Stella, never heard your adage before, but do like it, and do believe we might be tough cookies in time to come. Sorry, was trying to sign name in yesterday's comment, but pushed the wrong something, and it came out as Anony., this is and was Gracie. These danged 'puters and me don't always get along.

stella said...

LOL thas funny Gracie, thas ok stuff happens. my keyboard has one a them stupid keys too.