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Thursday, June 10, 2010

More herbs to cut, looking at flowers blooming

I had talked to my friend Rosie today, and it always turns into a long phone call. We can talk about lots of things as we have so many of the same interest. Herbs was one that came up today. In a previous post I had mentioned the possibility of growing feverfew as a cash crop in the place of tobacco. I had wondered in my mind if you cut the feverfew back if it would come out and bloom again this season. I have some planted and decided to dry some for my own use and so I cut mine back and am drying it as we speak. Now I will wait and see if it will put up more buds like most plants do and bloom again this season. If so, I would give some serious consideration to raising it as a cash crop for some extra money. I still need to do more research and see where and how it would be marketed in our state. Fever few is a good herb for treatment of migraines and joint inflammation as in arthritis.
So to share the pictures of the feverfew and the other plants that are growing and blooming around the yard.

                                                          Thornless blackberry is growing great

                                                                 Lavendar blooming

                                                 Flower bed on west end of the house

                                              5 ft tall tomato plants in asparagus bed

                                                  All the little chickens in brooder house

                                                         I found Slinky's babies

Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



small farm girl said...

You have such pretty flower and herb beds!

stella said...

Thanks farm girl, it has taken a while to get them to this stage. I did get out late last evening and fertilize them all. And this evening we got a good rain so they should look nice and healthy in a few days.

Pokeberry Mary said...

Slinky--what a great kitty name. Her babies look so sweet. Daughter has a kitten now, her name is 'butters' for the butterscotch color in her her calico=ness. blog looks pretty in reds!

stella said...

Hi Mary, I must be getting ole, the older i get the more i like the color red. lol I painted my kitchen in the house red, a candy apple red, several years ago. lol