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Friday, June 25, 2010

A day off, sort of

I took the day off today, sort of. I didn't get out till late to work in the yard and garden. I did manage to rest a little today. It has been another hot day but not as bad as earlier this week. I used some of the straw we got earlier this week to mulch the asparagus bed and around some leeks that are also planted out there. And not giving a lot of thought to where I plant things, there are 3 tomato plants that are about 5 feet tall in the middle of the asparagus bed. But the tomatoes are starting to ripen.
Jason hauled 3 bales of straw to the garden for me and we got the remaining tomatoes mulched and the cukes. I still need one more bale to finish the celery. While we were over there I looked at the onions again and the tops were falling over on them and turning brown so I pulled all the onions out of the row and laid them in the plowed ground to dry till tomorrow. I will get those picked up tomorrow and put on the floor of a building somewhere to dry and cure. Most of them will be dehydrated for onion flakes. Actually the onion heads were a lot bigger than I had thought. I am guessing 40% of them are baseball size, which is good all things considered. I hate peeling little onions but I will be doing my fair share of that this year as well. I will likely use the really small ones when I make chicken stock this weekend. I do plan to butcher the dark Cornish that are ready. We are out of frying chicken and I am really low on stock and canned chicken. I think I might save some of the pullets to replace some of my flock.
On the way to the garden this evening we drove around the big river bottom on the other side of the creek to check out the black berries and wild plums. The plum trees are loaded with lil green plums and the black berries are ready to pick. If I don't get too beat tomorrow I might go down there and pick berries for a while. We shall see what tomorrow holds. Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Pokeberry Mary said...

Now you need to take some lessons on how to have a day off! That doesn't sound like one much. ;)

small farm girl said...

That wasn't a day off! lololol

stella said...

Hi ya'll, well heck I tried. Ya have to give me credit it was slower than usual. lol Ya really dont get much time off on the farm in summer. But maybe this fall or winter I can get a rest.