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Monday, June 28, 2010

Gun rights, rain and stuff

We I have been our plundering around this morning just looking at stuff, thinking and doing very little. Dang it is hot out there. I got the onions out of the dehydrator that had dried over night and put them in a jar and vacuum sealed it. Now I have a gallon of dried onion flakes. The humidity is awful again. I just quit and came back inside where it was cool. My herb bed still needs the mulch, but I will get to that. I did, in my plunderings pull what few weeds and bits of grass out that had started in there. I do have more things that need to be cut and dehydrated. And I will get to that too. Maybe when I don't hurt so much. We are having little rain showers off and on today so that is a good excuse to give my body a break. I just cant do the standing anymore like I used to. Makes the back hurt something awful. Not to mention the sore joints.
In this plundering around, I looked at my greenhouse and the plastic is torn badly on it. So all the plastic will have to be replaced in the spring. Damn and I was hoping to use it this winter to try and hold over some tomatoes and salad veggies. Thas a bummer! But the greenhouse was invaluable to me this spring growing things. With all the bad things that are happening all over our country with regards to weather, the oil spill and the economy, I feel a strong need to plant more than I have done so far in the garden. I don't feel the security in my provisions that I think I should. Yeah go ahead and call me paranoid, but its better to have things and not need em than to need em and not have em. So I think I will spend some time today "planning" for what we need and making lists.
In my plunderings today I was plundering the Internet too, talk about getting around. I was reading something that made me feel better about our nations Supreme Court Judges. Thank God we have a few conservatives among them that still believe in our freedom and rights. If you are so inclined, here is the link.
They voted to uphold our right to keep and bear arms for our protection. So saved one of our rights that should have never been in jeopardy to begin with. So God bless those few judges from a bunch of gun totin, bible thumpin, concealed carry hillbillies.
Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



small farm girl said...

I don't think you are paranoid. I feel the same way! It's almost scary!

stella said...

LOL thanks farm girl, i thought it was jus me that was jumpy. I am thinkin of planting more gardne stuff. I dont usually plant this late tho.

Pokeberry Mary said...

I was happy to hear about the court's decision too. I saw a little of the start of the confirmation hearings for the new one.. I thought--boy one more after this and the balance is going to tip in a scary direcion--and I do think there will be another one soon. Well, God knows.. that's all I can think.

Sorry your back is hurting. I'm having time with mine too-especially upper spine/neck area. I'm stiff as a board. Not that painful, but I don't like being 'stuck' and 'humpy', don't think it will get better, but I'm trying to stop it from getting worse.

Vikki and the Kid said...

I feel the same way here too. I've already started planning next year's garden AND our monthly grocery shopping list to stock up on what we're not yet producing. Intuitive people are feeling it.

Gotten hot here too (eastern plains of Colorado). I have to get chores done early in the morning, and inside-things done during the heat of the day.

Vikki at

stella said...

Hi yall. Mary I sure hope ya back gets better, there is nothing worse when ya cant do what ya mind wants to.
Vikki Hi an welcome, I am still thinkin an lookin thru my seed stash to see what all I can still plant here and have it come in before frost. I am really pushing it with beans I think but I jus feel that need to get em in. We are on the river and we do get frost later than most in our area. And we are posed to have a few days in the 80's here. woohoo!!! beats 100 anytime.