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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Moving things

I have this bad habit of not thinking things thru when I plant stuff. Then there are the accidents that you just don't know how they happen. I had started some flowering plants in the greenhouse this spring and transplanted them to bigger pots. Well they are blooming and look good, except for one lil thing. Well big thing, there was a  tomato plant in every pot I had. The flowers were getting crowded out but I just cant stand the thoughts of pulling a tomato plant up and destroying it. So off I go in search of some larger flower pots to put the tomatoes in. And I found about 30 or so 10" pots in the basement of the old house that I had forgotten about. All in excellent shape. I guess they were from various things I have bought over the years and just stored them away and forgot. So the tomatoes got taken out of the pots with flowers and got their own space. I set them out back beside the grape trellis and tied the plants up for support. Now I can have tomatoes in the back yard when I need them. I also got a lot of the strawberry runners routed and in soil so they can take root and be moved. I didn't stay out there too long at a time, it was just too unbearably hot. The humidity has got to be 100%.
I checked in on the chickens today and the little Cornish cross are still small yet , just over a week old, but they are really hot natured. I turned the fan on them and took out the heat bulb and replaced it with a regular bulb.They got some fresh bedding today too, the Cornish cross have really wet droppings and can keep a building wet all the time. And of course the heat produces a strong ammonia smell if ya don't keep them dry and try to keep baking soda sprinkled around to neutralize the ammonia.
Not much else happening here today other than trying to stay cool. Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.


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