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Monday, June 14, 2010

Weeding beds,drying onions

We have had a couple good rain showers today. Good soaking rains, not storms but quite heavy rain. It had rained last night and the best time to pull weeds is when the ground is wet and soft. So I went out this morning to weed the onion and asparagus beds again. I wasn't really too hot and humid. Then it clouded up and the thunder rolled in. I made my way back to the summer kitchen just before it started a downpour. Sat that shower out and finished weeding. I wanted to plant some loofa gourds here in the back near the house so I could trellis them an have better luck getting a few gourds. So I pulled the onions that were in one of the beds. The tops weren't dead but had started to turn yellow and they had done their do. Got those all cleaned up and sliced them in the food processor. My dehydrator has 4 trays so I loaded them with onions and had a big bowl full left. I do use my dehydrator a good deal in summer so I got on the net and ordered 4 more trays to fit. That many would have gotten all the onions done in one loading. I ordered some fruit roll up tray liners for the dehydrator too. Am thinking some fruit dried for flavoring teas. Rodger checked the blackberries yesterday and they should ripen in a couple weeks.
It has rained too much to get in the big garden. The cukes still need a trellis, an the beets need to be pulled and made into beet pickles. One day when I feel really energetic I might check the pea vines before they get plowed under to see if they have made more peas.
Not much else happening here today other than still trying to stay cool. So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



small farm girl said...

I know what you mean about not getting into the garden. It is just too wet! The weeds are horrible!!!! Plus, I hate to sweat! lol. Pleas post some pictures of your loofa plants. I think those are so interesting.
Well wishes,

stella said...

Hi farm girl,lol I dont mind to sweat, if I can jus go outside an not have to come in till late evening, shower and be done with it. I jus hate gettin hot an sweaty an having to come in an out all day. I still have to get my loofa gourds planted, dang they are gonna be late. I had to be gone today and didnt get anything done here. Maybe I get em in tomorrow. lol