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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

We got rain today

We got a nice rain today while we were out of town. I am sure this will do the gardens good. Now that the ground is wet maybe I can get my tomatoes mulched.
Rodger had and early dentist appointment and a late doctors appointment so we had plenty of time to kill between the two. We had found online a place in a nearby town that had plastic barrels and containers. So we paid them a visit. I got 2 35 gallon barrels with airtight lids for sugar and such, 12 plastic totes that have lots of cut outs in them for ventilation when I use them for potatoes in the cellar, 2 large plastic totes for storing carrots and cabbage in the cellar. They also had the gamma seals for 5 gallon buckets so I got 2 of those for now. Then the usual stop at Walmart to stock up on sure jell and pickle mix. This kind of stuff is hard to find in our town for what ever reason. So all and all it was a productive day. Here is the link to the container place if you are close enough to go there.

I have had little chickens hatching for a couple days now. I sure don't know what the problem is but they are not hardy and thriving like they should. I have had several die in the incubator after they hatch. Got to do some research on that lil problem. Jason got home from work before we got home so he fed and watered everyone for us.  
So till next time, blessing from the McGuire homestead.



Pokeberry Mary said...

Aww.. too bad about the chicks! Hope you solve that quick.
I love big containers!

small farm girl said...

Do you water and feed them in the incubator? You need too. Check the temps too. It may be too hot for them.

stella said...

hey yall, dang I am disgusted with the chicken hatchin stuff. got home yesterday and ahd 5 dead in the incubator that had jus hatched out. I think the humidity being to high caused them to not be able to absorb all the yolk before they hatched and then they hatch with big ugly globs on the navel. humidity is really hard to keep stable in the still air incubators. this almost makes me want to go ahead and order one of the big cabinet models. but they are pricy.And not i dont ever feed in the incubator. if all is well with the chicks they have enough food after hatchin to hole them for 72 hours. I do usually take them out tho as soon as they get dry and can stand to put them in food and water. i just gotta come up with a better plan to hatch.