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Saturday, June 12, 2010

More rain

We had more rain today, which I am sure will do the gardens more good. The beds here in the yard that I fertilized night before last got enough rain to put the nutrients down to the plant roots and be dang, I think they look better already. Or maybe it was just the rain that helped em. But the heat and humidity here are almost unbearable. You can walk outside and it is like you have walked into a mister.
I did get in the cellar today and emptied out some things that have been canned a while and need to be replaced.Got my new storage barrels put where I want them. Just did some general cleaning. Took all the empty jars to the summer kitchen and washed them up so they are ready to go again. Probably next week use some of them for beet pickles. Not too long till the carrots will need to be canned also. They are getting really big now. I got the freezers all cleaned out and rearranged today too. I got out half a ham and have it in the crock pot with pineapple and brown sugar. That will be good for lunch tomorrow.
My hops vines are growing like crazy and multiplying really well. I think I might check them tomorrow and see if I can take some of the smaller plants and get them in pots to transplant to another location later. I have some of the 4 pack plant pots that you get when you buy plants and I am thinking I will use those to start some strawberry runners in and get them rooted. Then I can move them to the big garden or better yet make another bed here near the house. I would also like to propagate some grape vines from the ones I have now. The grapes are getting big on the grape vines in the back yard. Soon I will need to put netting over them to keep the birds from eating all my grapes. I like song birds, but I like grapes more.
So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.


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