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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ah, much cooler!

We got some storms today and the air cooled off nicely. You can go outside without breathing in water. I am hoping tomorrow will be as cool as today has been. This is more like Kentucky weather for June.
I checked on my chickens this morning before I left for the doctor and didn't have any dead ones. So the 3 that were in really bad shape last night that I guessed would be dead recovered. I felt really bad last night when one of em was so hot and I thought he was gonna die in my hand, I dunked em in the water barrel to cool em off. I guess it worked cause they were all living and doing fine. I put some of the fresh oat straw that we had gotten in the building for bedding for the birds. They loved picking thru the immature seed heads for treats.
I took my basil that I had put in the drying box out and put them in the dehydrator to finish drying. If there is no rain tomorrow I will finish cutting my herbs and get the straw put in the bed for mulch. And if the heat don't get me I intend to do the asparagus bed as well.
My doctors appointment went pretty well today all things considered. A few months ago I had a complete blood profile done which was mostly good. I ask the doc about my constant joint soreness and pain. And he knew me before I was a patient and tole me I had destroyed my joints doing the job I did for 14 years. Then he dropped the bomb. He said arthritis got me. I have arthritis in my joints and will have to deal with that from now on. He put me on another kind of med for the joint pain and arthritis. He wants me to take it for a month and see if it helps and if not we try something else. Sometimes life just plain sucks.
Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Gracie said...

I hate to hear your doctor's news, Prayers sent that this medicine is just the one for you. Glad to hear your chickens are doing better.

Pokeberry Mary said...

So happy the little chicks are all alive this morning! Can you send that rain this way? We are still sweltering. As for arthritis-- you can work around it--not as well as you'll want to most likely, but what can ya do? It happens. Hope the stuff works for you.

stella said...

Hi yall and thanks. I took my second dose of the new med today around noon like it did the one yesterday and my joints dont seem quite so sore. But it sure makes me thirsty. I did rest a lil today too. It was hot and I just planned on doin garden stuff after supper when it was a lil cooler. THOSE dang chckens have drank 2- 3 gallon tanks a water today, I filled the 3 gallon can twice and the 1 gallon twice. thas a lot of water, heck id pee the bed drinkin like that. lol

small farm girl said...

Stella, your so funny! Our chickens are drinking a lot too. But not as much as our horses or cattle. Good thing they have a pond to drink from. I would NOT want to pack that water all day long. lol.
I hate to hear about your arthritis. My joints have been hurting a lot lately too. I'm just afraid to go to the dr. I'm afraid of the "a" word too. lol
Enjoy your cooler temps.
The muggies will be back soon enough. :(

stella said...

Hey farm girl, I am sure you have heard the saying " you can LEAD a horse to water", well key word there is LEAD, lead the horse to water, this chick aint packin water to a horse, am pretty sure his legs would be better than mine. lol This hot weather is really hard on livestock and all Gods critters out there.
Yep we got the muggies back today, and tomorrow, an I will be butchering chickens in the heat tomorow. sigh............