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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I think I am done planting

For this year I think I am done planting things in the garden. Until I find something else I want to grow that will mature before frost. This evening we went to the garden to so Rodger could finish mowing where the electric fence will go and I had him plow a place to plant some "tobacco worm beans". They are an heirloom variety that was started in a neighboring county. They are in the class of corn field beans. Which means they will need to be trellised. So I planted 2 rows about 25 ft long so the cane poles can be tied up like lil teepee's for the beans to climb on. These particular beans are supposed to have a thin shell and large bean inside when mature and the hulls still be tender. In my search on the net to find more info on them I ran across this site where you can order different varieties of Appalachian heirloom beans and tomatoes.
I used to raise white half runner beans and the last couple times we had them even if you pick them when they were small they would still be tough. We I found out why after looking at this site. I had been ordering my seed from seed catalogs and it is lack of quality control that has caused this problem. Now I know. Any way I also planted more beets, some rutabagas, and melons.
Earlier today I went to the garden to spray the taters again and cut my cabbage to make kraut. I got them all shredded with my grand mothers cabbage cutter and had my German fermenting crock full of the white cabbage. That left me with a dishpan full of red cabbage to do something with. I called my friend Rosie as I was thinking she had tole me she put caraway seed in her cabbage. She confirmed that she does do that so I put some caraway seed in with the red cabbage and added my salt and some shredded onion. I didn't have a crock to ferment this batch so I used a small Rubbermaid container. It sure did smell good with the onion and caraway seed. Cant wait to taste this when it gets done fermenting.
I pulled some carrots while I was in the garden this morning and finally got them washed and sliced and in the dehydrator. It has been a long day for sure.
So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Vikki and the Kid said...

I just followed your link to the heirloom bean catalog and am astounded! I thought I was growing heirloom beans, but I was sadly mistaken. I'm making a note of the link for my seed purchases in the fall/winter for next year. Originally from KY but now in Colorado, I'll be glad to start growing something from (kinda) my heritage. Thank you so much for putting it up. Vikki at

stella said...

You are very welcome Vikki, I stumbled upon the site lookin for info on some bean seeds that hubbys BIL gave us. SO we now have some of the original "tobacco worm beans". I planted some of them last evening an hope they make it before frost. If interested maybe I can send you a start of them.

Mrs. Mike said...

As usual too many things to comment on...
Love red cabbage, great-grandmother kraut fermenting in crocks on the back porch, no more seeds to plant (outside of lettuces and such)and lots of beans!

Do tell, do you pickle beans? Is there anything you don't do? (scratch last question, I don't want to know)

Hugs from the PNW!
Enjoy your Independance Day and the Liberty in which it represents!

stella said...

Hi Mrs Mike, lol I can still plant 5 more gardens and not be out of seeds. I have a recipe here somewhere for "dilly beans" which are pickled beans that you sometimes see of fancy buffets. Although I havent tried the recipe I have tried the pickled beans. They are pretty good, would be nice on a relish platter for finger foods.
As for things I dont do, well.........I aint talkin see. lol
Have a safe and wonderful holidayweekend.