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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Things are growing and getting done

Things are getting done around the place. Rodger and Jason are working on the plumbing and getting the propane hooked up in the summer kitchen today. The lights are hung and are gonna be great. I do like flouresent lights over my work areas in the kitchen. It has rained all weekend here and I am sure there is flooding in the lower areas of the county but we are in no danger. All the plants that were transplanted last week are looking a lot better after this rain. Everything is so pretty and green and growing really good this year. Here are a few pictures to give ya some perspective.
The hops vines are going wild near the corn crib.

The strawberry plants are loaded with little berries. Hope to get enough to make some strawberry preserves this year.

The walking onions are getting ready to drop sets, the leeks are looking a lot better as well. This is the first time I have grown leeks.

The grapevines have lots of little grape clusters on them. This might mean some grape jelly this year.

The pear tree has too many pears on it. I will likely have to fruit prune the tree in a few weeks.

My azaleas are starting to bloom near the driveway. Lucky so far that they havent been mashed by a vehicle.

The cold hardy kiwi that we planted last year are really growing this year. Not long before we need to complete the trellis for them.

The herb bed is filling in nicely too. I finally have plant labels on all the herbs. No guessing what is planted where now.

The flower bed on the right side wing wall of the cellar is just planted and should fill in before long. The opposite side had the thornless blackberry and lavender.
Till next time. blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Jen said...

Your crops look so nice and green! I always enjoy looking at yer homestead pics and reading ya blog. Yer gardens are beautiful! ~'jenny'

stella said...

Tanks jenny, it seems like I should be busier this time of year than I am. I feel like I am missing something. So far the gardens are looking really good. Am jus praying for a good harvest this year.I need to get some stuff canned this time around.