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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Am Thankful

I am so thankful that I can see better today without pain. Gosh I have never had anything like this cornea edema in my life and it hurt more than having a baby. You can bet I wont even go in the bedroom with my contacts in again. Lesson learned.
It has rained a good bit here today and is too wet to get any where near the garden. I still have some things to get planted over there. Everything needs to be fertilized and plowed out before the weeds get a good start. As I get older I don't care much for getting out in the wet grass and messing around like I used to. And we are supposed to get rain thru Tuesday of next week here. The yard is out of hand, prolly need to mow and bale it. Last evening we got the between rain showers we got mulch put around the azaleas, blueberries and grapes. If I get half as many grapes as I have clusters on the vines I will have more than I can use. The herb bed and onion bed out back need to be weeded but I just cant bring myself to get in there as wet and soft as the ground is.
My next little project that I want to do before the garden takes all my time is to build another flower bed somewhere here in the yard for my perennials. Most of the stuff growing here is edible but the pretty things are just good for the soul. We have tossed around the idea of building a retaining wall in back of the house to aid in drainage. If that happens we have to take out the back deck, the rock side walk and my perennial bed. I hat to move all the plants but I know the back side of the house will look nicer for it. We shall see, maybe I can come up with a better idea.
My lil grand dog will be going home on Friday with Amoy. We have had her for over a week and you do get attached to those little critters although they do take a lot of time when they are little ones to keep them from getting injured. I am sure I will miss playing with her. She is entertaining.
Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Mrs. Mike said...
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Mrs. Mike said...

Funny you should say that about your eye and having a baby...

I was musing after my thumb was smashed by a swinging 5lb mallet, I said I'd rather birth a baby then have that happen again!

stella said...

Hey Mrs Mike, ouch I know how that hurts. Kinda turns ya into a kid again, whinin and all. lol Am much better now and gosh do I ever need to get in the garden, am sure the weeds are growing fine.