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Thursday, May 6, 2010

I hate cleanup work

Of all things to do on the farm, I guess I hate cleanup the most. We are kinda planning a cook out this Sunday Mothers day so every one can visit with Rob before he leaves for Nevada next week. So Jason moved a bunch of equipment today so there would be room for a picnic table out back near the summer kitchen. The table will also be used for some prepping of garden produce when it is picked. Such as corn, you just cant shuck and clean corn inside. Things like that require a lot of space for waste and making a big mess. The stuff is all moved except the picnic table. It first has to have the stack of lumber moved off it and the lumber stacked elsewhere. Still some minor cleanup that I can do by my self. Mostly light stuff.
Jason is planning on side dressing the bread corn using the side dresser that is supposed to attach to the cultivators. He and Rodger rigged it so it is sitting on the back of the 4 wheeler cause the tractor would run over the corn if they try to cultivate and fertilize at the same time. I will get some photos of this in action tomorrow and post here, maybe someone else will need an idea like this. After the fertilizer is on they will use the tiller to plow it out. The goal is to not use any weed killer on the corn ground. Hopefully after he finishes that we can get the tomatoes and stuff transplanted out of the greenhouse. It is supposed to rain a little bit on Saturday so that will help things grow.
The strawberries are starting to get ripe in the bed in the back yard. I sure hope there is enough to make some strawberry preserves as I have a friend that enjoys them. And they are good on a hot biscuit. Not much else happening today, so till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.


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