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Monday, May 24, 2010

Finally finished..........

We it has been sunny and hot today and the ground has dried out nicely. So after supper we got in the garden and got it all fertilized and plowed out. Got the peppers all transplanted to their spot, planted 2 rows of Yukon gold seed potatoes that were given to us, got the vine crops in, transplanted the sweet potato slips that we had, and planted a row of Kentucky Wonder bush beans down the field beside the bread corn. Had about a half row of them and then planted some cushaws and pumpkins. The whole things looks rather nice after it got plowed.

 Tomorrow will finish out that row with some sunflowers. Of all things not to have, I don't have any zucchini seed. Guess I will get some tomorrow when  I am in town.
I got my greenhouse emptied out today, so tomorrow if it is not so hot I will try to get the mess cleaned up in there and get some flats ready to start fall seedling. I think I will fill about 3 large pots with good potting soil to use for plantings of lettuce and other salad greens.
The Colorado potato beetles are in full force again this year of the potatoes. I don't like using spray in the garden but if we are to have potatoes that seems to be the "don't like" that I will have to do. We totally lost our potatoes to the bugs last year and I am not giving in this time. So war has been declared. I am doing battle in the morning.
So am off the bed, till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Jen said...

What beautiful pics Stelly. Thank you fer sharing. I'm glad things are productive on the McGuire Homestead. ~ "Jenny"

MA Fat Woman said...

Thats a fine looking garden. You might just have to spray to keep the beatles out.

stella said...

Hi ya'll, thanks for visiting. We have been busy trying to get the last of the garden stuff planted this week. I did finally have to spray for the tater bugs, dang it they were eatin em up again.