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Friday, May 14, 2010

We babysittin this week

We are baby sitting, well actually puppy sitting for Rob and Amoy. Rob is on his way to Nevada to do his internship for college and Amoy rode there with him and will fly home next week. So we got to keep our lil granddog. lol As you can guess we don't have grand kids yet but we have a grand dog. She is a sweetheart and a good lil girl. Papaw had to take her out this evening while I was busy in the summer kitchen. Now keep in mind this is a man who don't take kindly to little critters in the house. But this is his baby's lil baby.

I love my summer kitchen. I have already given it a trial run canning baked beans  and mustard and turnip greens out there. So nice to not have that mess in the kitchen here and keeps the heat out of the house. I did manage to get about half the mustard and turnip greens cut last night and canned. Maybe I can do the other half next week.
While we were in the garden last evening Jason plowed the ground up to plant more sweet corn and we got the cukes planted as well. My beans are up and look good so far. The tomatoes are coming along nicely and the peas are loaded with blooms. I should have enough salit peas to can some this year. I love good salit peas, the kind you cook hull and all with some bacon grease.That and a chunk of cornbread makes a good meal.
I will need to pick the strawberries again tomorrow as well, they are doing good this year. Might even get enough to make strawberry jam.
We have some new friends, Chris and Tammie, coming from Ohio to visit tomorrow to do a lil video for her blog. If I am permitted I will try to share that with you all at a later date. It should be fun. They will be staying in the old farm house here for the weekend. 
So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Jen said...


Abby sure is a cute lil doggie! Its so easy to git attached to 'em.

I know ya'll will have fun with Chris and Tammie. I hope he remembers to catch a picture of my lil spot by the river!

~ "jenny"

stella said...

lol jenny. well we had sooo much rain the water was actually standing in your camping spot buy the river. We sure enjoyed having Chris and Tammie here, really nice folks.