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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The kitchen is done!

I am so happy, my summer kitchen is finally finished. I have already started getting my canning supplies together and getting them put in place in there. Early next week I will be canning greens. It has really turned out nice out there. We still have some landscaping to do, but the kitchen is usable now. I still need to add the small table top refrigerator and microwave and finish moving my canners in there.

I have plenty of counter space here for processing and canning, butchering or what ever needs doing. We have a concrete floor out there so I purchased some of the snap together rubber foam type mats to use on the floor to make it a little easier on my back. (Doin a happy dance)
We are hoping that it is dry enough tomorrow to plow the garden and get the rest of it planted. Hope to empty out the greenhouse too of all the tomatoes and peppers and other things that need to be moved. The garden did survive the heavy rain we had earlier this week. The peas are starting to bloom now, so not long till we have fresh salad peas. The corn has come up well too. The new strawberry plants are blooming too, and the fruit and nut trees we planted in the orchard have leaves on them as well. So as far as gardens it is starting a lot better than last year when it rained all summer.
Good news, Jason has a job interview tomorrow and starts work on Monday in the oil fields where his dad works. It will be nice to have him working here near home and living on the farm.
Rob leaves for Nevada next week to work and do his internship in the Barrick Gold mines in Elco. This momma aint too happy about her cub being that far from home but they do grow up and leave the nest in spite of us. We tried to give them roots and give them wings. We just pray for their safety and that they are happy in what ever they choose to do.
Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Jen said...

Yer kitchen looks so pretty. Ya'll did a fabulous job. I am so excited for you as this is what you have been wanting for a long time.
I'm glad Jason has found a job locally where he can come home to everyday. I'm glad Rob will be getting this internship behind him so that he can move on with his new career. Things seem to be falling into place for everyone there. ~"jenny"

stella said...

Hi Jenny and thanks, I am jus beside myself about muh kitchen. I do have most of my stuff moved out there to use in canning. I get to give it a trial run next week when I can mustard and turnip greens. I already tried out my new coffee pot and had a cup with Baileys. lol

Gracie said...


Your kitchen is drop-dead-gorgeous! I couldn't be happier for you! I really like the way you have it laid out and that it has lots of usable counter space, and a coffee pot, WOW, it's wonderful!


stella said...

Thanks Gracie, I plan to start using the kitchen for canning next week. I will be doing mustard an turnip greens then. Oh yeh and I got a fridge fer the milk fer muh coffee an a lil microwave if I fergit an let it get cold. lol