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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Odds and ends

I have done odd and ends today that didn't as a whole amount to much. Had to get up early to take my friend to therapy today then back home. He is doing much better with eating and walking, now his feed tube it blocked and is causing him a lot of pain. But hopefully that comes out this week for good.
When I got home I checked on the strawberry jam I made last night and it had all sealed. Yippee!!! Am thinking strawberry jam with cream cheese on pancakes would be mighty good. Maybe a weekend breakfast.
I got a lot more dill weed cut, chopped and frozen for later use. I think I will let the rest of it make seed heads to use in dill pickles. If they mature before the cukes I may just have to cut them and freeze them as well.
We did get more sweet corn planted this evening too. We never seem to have enough corn in the freezer to do us all year. While we were in the field Rodger and Jason finished plowing the bread corn out and put another round of fertilizer on it. I have one row planted on the outside edge of Kentucky wonder bush beans, pumpkins, cushaws and sunflowers. The bear row is half the length of the corn field, gonna be a long row to pick.
So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Mrs. Mike said...

As a young child, my mom made bagels often. Cream cheese with homemade strawberry jam was our favorite topper!

stella said...

Hi Mrs Mike, I am thinkin maybe some homemade bread would be nice for the holiday weekend. Oh the jam was soooo tasty.

thundercloud said...

Thanks for mentioning that you can chop and freeze the dill you grow, something didn't know you could do! Don't ya' just love it when all jars seal, your pix of your jam looks sooo good! Gracie

stella said...

Hi Gracie, yeh I usually freeze all the dill, and chives as well. Neither are good dried. Dried dill might be ok for making pickles but to use on a baked tater or something like that in winter frozen is far better.
As for dried chives, well they kinda taste and smell like dried lawn clippings. lol I usually try to freeze at least a gallon zip top bag of those to use for garnish and seasonings.