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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Picking peas, cemetary clean-up

I had a follow up visit to the eye doctor this morning and as I went by the cemetery just past the house some people were mowing and cleaning up for the up coming Memorial Day weekend. I stopped and talked with them for a few minutes. I gave them some cash to help with labor and gas because they had mowed my family plot off where my dad and grand parents are buried. They are to be commended for doing this task for no pay other than they like to see the place look nice. After my doctor appointment I got some rakes and went back to help get some of the limbs and debris off the place. I did get a chance to plant a rose bush near my dads grave.
This evening after supper we went to the garden and picked the peas. They are doing much better than I had anticipated. We picked a bit less than a half bushel. Not enough to make a canning so I am gonna cook them about half done and then freeze them.

These are sugar snap peas and are so sweet and tender even with the pods filled out well. These should be tasty with some bacon grease cooked with em.
Rodger got most of the bread corn plowed out this evening after he helped me pick peas. I did give in and spray the potatoes while he was plowing. I sure hope this does the job on the tater bugs. I was kinda beat this evening so I am going back tomorrow and plant some more sweet corn in one of the empty spots in the garden and see what else I can come up with to plant while no one is looking.
Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Mrs. Mike said...

Fresh peas already? Lucky lady!

stella said...

lol well dang we plant em in the winter seems like. well not quite but did get them out in early march, we usually try to plant em on Valentines day. They sure do better when grown in cool weather.