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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Doing nothing

We have had some rain for the past couple days here, off and on. And it is still cool at night. Over the weekend we had frost advisories so I didn't set my peppers in the big garden yet, I don't like the idea of getting up at daylight to wash the frost off or lose my plants, so I chose to wait. Maybe this week we can get them in. I still have a couple more different kinds of beans to plant and all the vine crops need to go in.
I got rather flustered with my last hatch of chickens from the incubator. Don't really know what the issue was but I only had 2 out of 42, and a feller could starve like that. I possibly held the eggs too long at room temp before setting them and they lost their viability. So I will likely go ahead and order some Cornish cross just to get some meat in the freezer and continue setting my own eggs as well. Not my original plan but the best of plans can go amiss sometimes on the homestead.
I took me back to the doctor today for this stinking bronchitis that I thought I had. Well I was informed that I have mild pneumonia. Just my dang luck. Got a steroid shot, antibiotics and cough syrup. I do feel much better this evening with just the shot doing its thing. Now if I can only sleep without waking up coughing all will be good in the hood.
I am off to get some dried beans soaking to make baked beans to can. I think I will pick the mustard and turnip greens tomorrow to can if I still feel OK. So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Mrs. Mike said...

Oh, Stella! I feel like I know ya!

Gracie said...

Good Morning, Stella,
I hope your durned ol' pneumonia and bronchitis are quickly resolved and you'll soon be 'Fit as a Fiddle'.

Take care,


stella said...

Hi ladies,dang yeh I am feeling some better just still have this cough. The rain this weekend seemed to help some. Now we got mud and cant get in the garden. sigh.........