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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Summer is back

Summer is back with a vengeance. It was hot today, in the 90's,  not that I am complaining. We had planned on working in the garden today but the ground was still soft and muddy. So tomorrow evening we hope to get some more potatoes planted, peppers and the vine crops in. I am going in there early to spray for the potato beetles in the volunteers. A guy that used to run a farm store here in town gave Rodger and Jason a 50 lb bag of Yukon Gold seed potatoes that have good sprouts on them. Seeing as how the ones we planted didn't come up we are going to try this again. Everything gets fertilized tomorrow too as well as plowed out.
The yards finally got mowed today and trimmed. Gosh it looks so much better. I do need to rake the front part of the yard. I plan on putting some of the grass clipping in my new compost tumbler along with the manure out of the brooder house. We made  a run to Tractor Supply today and got one of the Wizard compost tumblers. Considering the material it is made of, I think it will last much longer than a regular metal 55 gallon barrel. I just cant manage to turn a compost pile like it needs to be to work well. Just one of the bleeps of my work injury.
The plants all get taken out of the greenhouse tomorrow as well and go to the garden for transplanting. Then I can clean out the greenhouse and tidy it back up and get ready for fall seed starts. I do plan on starting some cabbage, broccoli and probably get some lettuces going for use in the fall and winter. By then I should have some compost ready to use.
I still have some weeding to do here in the beds at the house. So many little things to do around a place in summer. I got the strawberries picked today and strawberry preserves are on the agenda for this week as well. While we were out today I went looking for some Sure-Jel for jam and jelly making. I have a few boxes here at home but like to keep a good stock of it. The Walmart we went to had 2 boxes left and that was it. So I got those and I need to keep an eye out for more. I do make a lot of jam and jelly during the summer. I have a pretty good stock of sugar for that purpose as well.
Not much else happening around here, so till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.


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