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Friday, May 21, 2010

I finally got in the garden

I finally got into the garden this afternoon. It had rained this morning a little bit. but not enough to make a big difference in the mud. The rain we have had has packed the ground down hard around all the garden plants. I did pick a mess of sugar snap peas for dinner tonight. In the next week or so I should have enough to can a few jars of them. The mustard and turnip greens that I cut last week are just as big as if they were never cut. Maybe I can get some more of them to can this coming week. Just another couple weeks till the beets will be ready to harvest and make pickled beets.
The herb bed has is filling in nicely. I cut some dill to chop and freeze this evening. Dill is better frozen than dried. It is good with fish or in potato soup or potato salad.  I have more herbs that need to be cut and dried this weekend too. Mint for teas, oregano, and tarragon. Maybe if we don't get any more rain I can weed the onion bed in back. Wont be long till I cant tell the difference in onions and grass in there.
After the partition was put in the brooder house and the chicks in there I ordered 25 Cornish cross to have some quick meat in the freezer. Now I may have to move the little ones to the other chicken house to make room for the Cornish up here near the house. This is where they will be butchered and they don't tolerate being moved well. So easy to injury them when they get so big. So am thinking it would be better to move the dark Cornish. Too many birds and not enough buildings.Not to mention the incubator is full of eggs again. Somehow I always do this and get birds of all different ages till I run out of space. But I guess that is how you get meat in the freezer. Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.


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