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Friday, May 28, 2010

Part 1: video

As you remember a few weeks ago our friends Chris and Tammie were here to do a video of the farm. Well part 1 is done and on YouTube.  I think Tammie did a wonderful job putting this together and showing our place at its best. Even tho it rained all that weekend Tammie had fun and got a lot of video footage. Here's the link for all who want to see our little place and its history.

You can also see Tammies' blog and the other videos that she has done. The blog address is in my blog list to the left, The Unusual Farm chick.
To see some of the old pictures almost come to life was just amazing for me. My dad has been gone 6 years now and I am sure he would have been proud of this portrayal of his life and those before him and to know we carry on the same as he did.

Haven't done much on the farm today other than clean up here and there. I even cleaned out the vehicles and got the pollen and dust out of them. And gosh was it hot outside. I was sweating like a ho in church! I had to go into the summer kitchen a few times to cool off. I had to be outside anyway so I did cook the most of supper out there on the gas range to keep the heat out of the house. I am thawing some corn from the freezer to can tomorrow to see if we like canned corn. If it cans up OK I may just can up all that is in the freezer so it don't freezer burn. I will let you know how it turns out.
We got a little shower of rain this evening at sundown and that cooled things off nicely. And I am sure the garden will be happy too. So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Mrs. Mike said...

Is that an old Mountain Dew bottle in papaw's hand?

So glad the Hedgerow was able to swing by southern Kentucky this afternoon to see the place!

Looking forward to seeing more!

Enjoy your weekend.

stella said...

Hi Mrs Mike, yeh that is the big ole mt dew bottle. Dad liked his Mt dew. I think I inherited the like as well. That man on the mower was my dad, He was about 65 in that pic. I love this video, Tammie did such a good job with it. Glad you enjoyed it, an there is more to come. I cant wait.

Jen said...

Thanks fer sharing part of your life with us in the video. It is great to see where you come from. It looks beautiful out there. Your Dad was an awesome, honest and hardworking man! I truly admire what he did on the home place. What a cute picture of you and yer Dad when you were just a Lil' Bit. Your homestead is truly a treasure. Jason did a fine job on this video...very fluent on explaining things. He's so cute. Tammie did great with this and I can't wait to see the other video's.

~ "Jenny"
wayyyyyy down in the South Texas Brush Country

stella said...

Thanks jenny, I was so pleased with the video, yeas tammie did a great job. the bonus was got to meet the ogre. lol