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Friday, November 13, 2009

The wildlife moving around

You can tell the seasons have changed here. I went out to check on the chickens today and something caught my eye in the garden. It was a flock of wild turkeys. Total of 19, just grazing and enjoying the warm sun. Luna spotted them and was barking so they took to cover. The hunting season is not in for them at this time so they were pretty safe. Tomorrow is opening day of modern gun season for deer and hunters are out all over. We hunt our own farm and don't allow others to do so but some still try to sneak in on the remote sides. Am guessing that will be my task for tomorrow keeping trespassers off the farm. The boys hunt here and I sure hope we have some deer in the freezer this year again. Last year there were 3 butchered for the freezer. The weather is supposed to be quite warm all weekend and that does not make for a good hunt.
Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.


2 comments: said...

Hi from Lisa (Doan) Lykins. I told you I would check out your blog. It was nice to see you the other day. I read some of your blog. Where did you folks get the solar panels? Were they hard to install? I would be interesting in hearing more about this.

Take care,


stella said...

Hi Lisa, it was great to see you again as well. Its true ya can find anything at walmart. lol
We ordered the solar panels I think from Northern tool. This one was not to pricey and it will run the 2 lights we have in the root cellar. Really simple installation. It has a battery that the panel keeps charged and the lights actually run off the battery. Ya can come by an visit anytime and I will be happy to show it to ya.
And thanks for visiting my blog.