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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Got some thing done

The weather was just beautiful today, warm and sunny, so we got some things done today on the place. Got the rest of the bread corn picked and got all the stuff shelled that we are going to grind for cornmeal. Good thing someone had a strong arm to crank the corn sheller. It mounts to the side of a wooden box that my dad used when I was growing up for the same thing. My grandmother used the old wooden box to hold stove wood for the cook stove. Kinda makes the box older than me. We shelled what amounted to about 2 and 1/2 bushels. I store it in the freezer for a couple weeks to kill any bug eggs that might have been laid in the kernels and then take it out and dry it thoroughly before having it ground into meal. That's gonna be a lot of cornbread! But we do use a good deal and if we have a bad season for the corn next year we wont have to worry much. There will also be enough to make some hominy and have plenty left over for seed for next year. The process of making hominy makes all the nutrients more readily available for the body to digest. And it tastes good too, so that's in my plans for the near future when I have 2 hands that work.

Finally got some compost and straw on my herb bed and its all set for winter. Maybe tomorrow I can manage to get some compost and mulch put around the grapevines and other stuff in the back yard. Depends on how my arm feels in the morning and how much I can do with one hand.
The past few cold nights have sent my 3 cats looking for a warm place to sleep for the winter. I got a plastic tote out of the building and put in in a chair on the front porch and gave them a blanket to sleep on. They will be shielded from the wind and weather and be nice and toasty. They seemed very appreciative of my efforts. Now where to put a huge dog for the winter. Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.


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