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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Deer hunting

Well there are 2 deer hanging that will soon be skinned out and cut for the freezer. Hubby got 2 this year. One spike buck and one doe. We have never been trophy hunters here at all. The smaller bucks and does make much better meat. The meat is comparable to beef. Never with an off taste or gamy. The trick to having good deer meat that don't have a a wild or gamy taste is in the kill and bleeding the animal out soon after the shot. I am sure both the boys will be hunting till season ends. So there will likely be more venison in the freezer. We always cook and prepare the venison same as with any good beef. No soaking or doctoring it up.
When he got home he had to hang the deer carcasses in the root cellar where it was cool. To aid in drainage the heads were removed then chest and neck opened up. Also this made it easier to hang them so they were not touching the floor. Am thinking we will wait till the week of Thanksgiving to skin the deer when the boys are home to help their dad. I'm pretty useless with only one hand.
I think Luna and the girls(cats) were thinking they had hit the jackpot and were having fresh meat. The cats were trying to drag the heads off and Luna was trying to guard them. They will get their share at butchering time.
Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Jen said...

Nothing like fresh deer meat. Congrats on a nice kill!! ~jen

MA Fat Woman said...

I seem to remember always biting down on a bit of buckshot every year.

Anonymous said...

Okay.. me an Woofy an Sweapea want some venison chili an cobbler an Kornbread wif butta an an ... (pack'n up muh muley)... ~Grizzy~

stella said...

Hi ya'll, A few deer in the freezer sure helps the grocery bill a good deal.
MA tell em to use a rifle so ya dont get shot when ya eat the meat. lol
A non e mouse bear, I will sure fix ya some chili soon and ya get here, an dont fergit to pick up Ms Jen.