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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Little chores done

We finally got some little chores done on the rental property that we had got busy and put off. Put new batteries in the smoke detectors and tested them, anchored some water lines so they wouldn't accidentally get broken, and fixed a couple plug ins. The rental house is rented and the new tenants are moving in this weekend. At least there is someone living there to maybe help prevent our buildings there from being burglarized.
On the way to the rental property we drive where we can see the big fields in front of our house and spotted about 15 or so huge tom turkeys foraging for insects and seeds. They have been feeding in the fields for the past week or so. Sure would be nice if turkey season was in and we could have one of those for thanksgiving.
Back at home this afternoon I decided to organize some of the kitchen cabinets and store rarely used things in the big pantry in the utility room. Not a big chore but sure made more space in the cabinet for things I use often.
Tomorrow I think we might clean the chicken house out again and put in fresh hay for the winter. Only have 15 pullets and 2 roosters left so this cleaning should hold them till spring. The pullets are laying well for 5 months old. If only they would all use the nest boxes instead of going in the corners and in the middle of the floor. Am hoping we can get some of the landscape gravel put in place this weekend too. Am getting kinda tired of looking at all the bare ground out there. Just a lil too untidy for my liking.
Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.


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