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Monday, November 23, 2009

Things happen

I make plans and then make more plans to do things till I end up with too many things to do and then something gets forgotten. Such is the case with the turnips and turnip greens. I had hoped to can more turnip and mustard greens and then kinda thought they might be too big an tough after I got my surgery done. Hubby went to the garden today to take down some of the electric fence around the garden so he can bush hog and get the garden turned and put to bed for the winter. He stopped by the turnip patch and those things are huge. The tops are still green and the turnips are sweet as sugar from growing in the cool weather. Really had not planned on having turnips, I planned on canning lots a greens. Don't like cooked turnips but love those things raw. Would rather peel and eat them like apples. We planted 3 row that are about 75 feet long so I have a bunch. Am thinking I need to pull and sell some turnips. Some will go in the root cellar for eating later. and I just might get some of the greens canned yet.
Till nest time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Jen said...

What a treat! I too love raw turnips sprinkled wif a lil salt. I remember sittin on the front porch when I was a child wif my Gramma eatin' raw turnips. She would take a pocket knife and slice em' and sprinkle wif a lil salt. Looks like you hit the jackpot. ~jen

stella said...

Hi jen, dang i got a ton of these things still in the garden. I never did get the greens all canned so maybe i still got a chance. I like to eat em jus plain, and these are so sweet.


dgr said...

Stella, I've herd of makin kraut from turnips! Never tried it , but it does sound good(to me).