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Friday, November 6, 2009

Just rambling

This staying in and not being able to get outside and do much is killer for me. Still having a good deal of pain from the elbow surgery and a lot of soreness and not able to use it much at all. I did manage to clean 6 stalks of celery and run that through the food processor to slice and froze that. Got some laundry done, folded as best you can do with one hand.
The remainder of the sweet potatoes were dug today with the end result of 4 more bushels. All of them white ones. We actually prefer them over an others. Tomorrow it is picking the corn for cornmeal and getting that in the dry so it can be shelled later.
I was watching the news last night and noticed that our governor here in Kentucky had fell into the trap of the liberals and declared the Christmas tree in the state capital a Holiday Tree. He was very soon set straight by the constituents in Kentucky and decided it was in the best interest of all to keep calling the Christmas tree a Christmas tree. This goes to prove that people must stand for what they believe or all that they believe in will soon disappear. Don't know what he was thinking but he quickly changed his mind. I have to say I am proud to be from the Bluegrass state. We should all say a prayer for the families of the service men and women who lost their lives in the shooting at Ft Hood, Texas last date. God bless them all.
Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



dgr said...

Hmmmmm, never had a white sweet tater! Hope your elbow feels better soon and kiss Luna for me! By the way, I think that is a GREAT name!

stella said...

HI yall, Luna says thanks fer the kissies. lol She acutally thinks she wants to be a lap dog, she tries to climb on my lap ever time I sit outside.
The elbow is making slow progress but with any lil amount of use it aches really bad.
Girl ya from the south an never had a white sweet tater? Well jus guess we will have to fix that lil problem wont we.