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Monday, November 9, 2009

Dang I'm bored

I am getting so bored not being able to do what I want. You can only clean house so many time till you are removing the finish from stuff. So very soon I must get out of here I am gonna be putting the pantry in alphabetical order. Maybe that's not such a bad idea. Sure would keep me occupied for a while. The weather was nice enough tho it was overcast and dreary looking, making it a little easier to stay in.
I was sitting in bed last night surfing the net and with the front porch being so close to my bedroom window, I could hear Luna growling. In just moments I heard a coyote howling in the lower edge of the yard. They are getting a little too brave for my liking. Needless to say Luna took off the porch, barking and I then heard several more coyotes that were fairly close as well. I jumped out of bed and went out to make sure she didn't chase too far and get attacked. Just a few minutes later the coyotes fell silent and Luna came back to the porch and only growled a few times after that. I have heard from owners of the Great Pyrenees that they are fearless when it comes to protecting their territory, now I believe it. I am seriously considering getting her a partner to make her safer. Maybe I will check Craig's list for another one about 8 months old so it would be the same age as she. She is worth her food just for keeping the critters away and she is a very lovable dog as well. If someone pulls in the drive, most wont even get out of the car and if they do she wont let them on the porch. That's when she gets a cookie for being a good girl. I think shes a keeper.
Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Jen said...

Im not sure what you can do to kill the boredom. Im sorry you are sick. Luna rocks!! I agree 100% to gettin' her a companion. Maybe a man dog. Then they will have babies then I can git a puppy from your stock.

stella said...

Hi Jen, Yeas I think muh Luna needs a man dog in her life. Had some friends visit today and she wouldnt let them near me or on the side walk. She couldnt even be distracted with a cookie. But she was ok with it after she saw that I let them in. Dont take too many rewards or "good girls" to teach her what ya want her to do. Am really impressed. She is a sweet heart. Am really thinkin of getting another one, male, an maybe lettin her have some babies and ya can get one. Ya would HAVE to come to Ky to get it. lol