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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Getting ready for spring planting

We got some things done today to get ready for spring plantings. Yeah I know, we haven't even had winter yet but its always good to get things ready so you dont lose precious growing time.The area in front of the root cellar was in bad need of some compost and manure to improve the soil so I can plant herbs there in the spring. So I got the compost moved and spread over the area. Then a layer of manure from the chicken house and covered the whole area with black rubber roofing. So in spring all I will need to do is remove the roofing material and plant. On the other side of the door I will be doing some of the same kind of prep but making only 2 smaller areas with a walkway between. I also added some more manure to the grapevines and blueberries. Had to put the cages back around the blueberries to keep the chickens from eating the leaves and digging the plants out. We cleaned the chicken house again and hauled the manure to the garden and spread it so it can be plowed under to rot before spring. The pullets love having fresh bedding and straw in their nest boxes. Probably tomorrow I am sure it will all be in total disarray.
I even got the outbuilding organized and some things in there that had previously been sitting on the deck. It sure looks neater with all the stuff gone. Maybe I can enlist some help moving the gravel from the back drive to the front of the house and get the landscape done this week before the holiday. Just been plugging along, staying busy and trying to let my arm heal. Its doing pretty good but still causes a lot of pain.
Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Jen said...

That herb bed is gonna look so pretty by that walkway. Its nice to get lil things as such done. Glad your arm is healing though. ~jen

stella said...

Hi Jen, hope you are feeling better as well.
It will be nice to have more room for herbs. Gonna do the same thing on the other side of the cellar door, but it will get more shade so will prolly jus plant pretty shade lovin things there.