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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Nice fall weather

We have been having some really nice fall weather for the past few days. Although it is a little bit on the cool side the sun is so nice and warm. I went outside today to let my chickens out of the building to forage for some bugs that were out to enjoy the warmth of the sun. The chickens came out of their building and it was like they all took a deep breath and just stood for a bit soaking up the warmth of the fresh air. Some of them laid down and stretched out their wings like they were sunbathing. When the birds get to run out during the day they eat about half the amount of feed. And the eggs of the pullets are a deep orange color and very rich. Just like farm fresh eggs should be.
I was sitting here today thinking about some things that I need to get done while we have some pretty weather. IF I can get someone to haul some wood chips for me to use as mulch in the herb bed, I think I can use one hand to move and spread the chips around. I am fairly sure I am going to hear a lot of static from this thinking but such is life. And if we can use the tractor and potato plow to get the sweet potatoes out of the ground I can use one hand to pick them up. I would sure hate to see them go to waste. Out Irish potatoes didn't do any good because of all the damage done by the Colorado potato beetle so we are buying potatoes. We did find a good price of $11 for 50 lbs at a local store. So the safest bet for us is to buy a few bags to put in the root cellar while they are cheap. Maybe some of the projects will get done with the nice weather that is to stick around the rest of the week. So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.


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