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Thursday, November 19, 2009

I should not make plans

I am sure we all know someone who is forever making plans and then doing just the opposite of what they planned for. Well I know one, me. In my mind I had planned on picking mustard greens to can and making a rum cake. Needless to say I did neither. I painted pantries today. The kitchen pantry really needed a fresh coat of paint so I got busy taking everything out and removing the shelves. Then the pantry in the utility room was way over due paint. I got this one painted first. The color is nearly the same so you cant tell much difference but it sure made me feel better. And the kitchen pantry seems larger with fresh paint and neatly organized. Dang I'm tired tho. Content but beat.
Yesterday I sold 10 of my dark Cornish pullets. I only got 4 eggs today so hubby accused me of selling all the ones that had started laying. I have been letting them outside ever day to scratch and forage for things to eat and I swear some of the girls are standing at the door with their legs crossed waiting to go to the woods to lay. I am fairly sure somewhere there is a big fat egg fed opossum that missed supper tonight. I didn't let the chickens out.
I was thinking today about how blessed we are to be able to have our garden and chickens here on the farm, and be able to can and freeze most of what we eat for the year. And to be able to hunt to supplement the meat. Should also be raising more animals for meat.I know some folks that consider it a treat to be able to enjoy a home cooked meal. As for us, we still consider eating out a treat and even a luxury. The cellar is full of home canned food, lots of sweet potatoes, onions, cushaws, squash and apples for winter and 2 deer to be butchered. Both freezers are filled to the top. I will need to take the corn out before we can put the meat from the deer in there. Hubby's company gives each family a ham and turkey for Thanksgiving every year so they had to go in the freezer as well. Sure would be nice to have some fried chicken, but it is under too much other frozen stuff to make it accessible. Am thinking I need to do some food shuffling so I can get to the stuff I need on a daily basis. Maybe tomorrow, famous last words.
Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.


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