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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Weather interruptions

Today was one of those days when ya may as well stay in your jammies. I woke up too early to begin with and it didnt get any better as the day went on. We were forecast to have rain today but they didnt say anything about wind gust. I went out and opened up the greenhouse all to have a sudden gust of wind hit out of no where. Well for those of ya that dont know, if you get heavy wind you must close up a greenhouse or it becomes a giant kite. So off I go to close the door and window to keep the wind from tearing up the plastic and making a mess. Got back to the house and all was well till another gust hit and I heard a loud crash outside. I have had a glass picnic table on the back deck with an umbrella on it for shade for probably 4 years and we have had storms of all kinds and never did any damage to the table. Well today the loud crash was the umbrella hitting the patio door and the table hitting the floor. The table didnt break but it did break the umbrella pole in half. Then I spent the next half hour going around trying to pick up an anchor down things all over the place.After stepping on Luna a dozen times I finally come to the conclusion that she does not like wind and storms and obviously thought she would be safe standing under my feet. The cat too was hid in her little box thinking she was safe.I saw her panic when the wind moved her bed across the front porch. A few hours later I was on my way to open the greenhouse up again after the sun came out and walked into the driveway and the windows and door that are to go in my summer kitchen were nearly pushed thru the underpinning on the house. The wind had knocked those things over and they are really heavy. Got the guys to load those back in my truck so they didnt get broken and went about my business. We never did get the rain that was forecast but it got really hot this afternoon. At this point I had to get out of my jammies and into shorts.
I got a good start on the landscaping on the back side of the house beside the sidewalk. I got the rest of my flowers dug out and moved around back and got the plastic down over the dirt and rock. Jason hauled some of the gravel for me and it was getting late so we can finish that tomorrow. Rob and Amoy will be here tomorrow to help with the kitchen and have lunch with us. Other than the wind escapades not much happening here today. So till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.


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