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Saturday, April 10, 2010

A good day for painting

Today was a nice warm sunny day for doing outside painting. We had gotten paint to paint the exterior of my summer kitchen at a liquidators store for a really good price. It was Sherman Williams brand for $20 for a 5 gallon bucket of light gray exterior paint. I had bought a gallon of epoxy paint last fall for the front of the root cellar. I decided to try and get the cellar wall outside painted today thinking I would be lucky to get that finished. Then decided not to use epoxy paint on the cellar and used the gray like I was going to use on the kitchen. The paint went on so easy, I was done in nothing flat. Then I decided while I had paint on the roller, the brush and me that I may as well use what was in the paint tray to see how much I could get done on the kitchen. And not being one to stop in the middle of a project I managed to complete the cellar wall and all of the kitchen exterior. Now when Rodger and Jason get the trim work done on the cellar that is all that will need to be painted.I think I will probably trim the kitchen in a gloss white. I love having a fresh coat of paint on outbuilding. It just makes them look so much better.
After I got the paint job done I did take time to transplant some of my herbs to the herb bed from the greenhouse. They are all watered in good with some mulch around them so they should take off and grow really well. I think I planted 16 sage plants, about 10 basil and at least that many chamomile for tea. I repotted some of the last chives that I had started in the greenhouse to a bigger pot so they can just grow there. Jasons buddy Josh was here to spend the night and the guys all went shooting this afternoon. While they were in the field they went to check on the garden. They tell me it is doing good, lazy me, I havent been back over there since we planted the strawberries and cabbage and stuff a week or so ago. I think tomorrow might be a good day to get some mowing done around here before we need to use the tractor and bush hog to mow the yard.
Till next time, blessings from the McGuire homestead.



Jen said...

Lookin' real good Stelly! Yall did a great job. I admire what all ya got goin' on the farm. ~jen

stella said...

Hi jenny and thanks. Rodger and Jason have worked hard on this project. And Rob helped a good deal when he was home. I know Jason gets depressed not workin a job but it has been a real blessing for him to be here for 2 springs in a row. He and I are so much alike we fight like cats and dogs but he is a huge help to us.